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Masters of Fine art

Thesis Exhibition



July 19-22, 2018

University for the Creative Arts, Canterbury, Kent, UK

Gloria Treseder. MAFineArt. Img4 med.jpg

Mixed Media Installation derived from personal narrative explored in the conjunction with on-site studies of a coppiced sweet chestnut from a managed plot in Blean Woods


Spring & Summer 2018.

Left Wall / Film 1

"The Day of Our Coppicing"

Film projection on charcoal-rubbed wall. Charcoal rubbing of coppiced sweet chestnut on half bed sheet, supported by coppiced chestnut boughs from the wall. 

Central Wall

Mural with water and found charcoal taken from sweet chestnut coppiced site at Blean Woods 

_MG_4835 mod.jpg


Right Wall / Film 2


Film projection on wall worked with plaster and charcoal. Second half of bed sheet worked with tea and found charcoal & dirt, stretched on canvas frame, propped by coppiced chestnut boughs and stumps. 

Details and other elements of installation

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